Ace Hearing Aid

The most discreet hearing instrument in its class, Ace sits unobtrusively behind your ear, letting you savor every moment with complete confidence. Designed to learn and remember your hearing preferences in all situations, Ace senses ambient sounds and intelligently adjusts itself to filter out unwanted noise to deliver optimum sound quality that’s so natural, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing it.

Ace offers:

  • Ultra small design and exchangeable housing
  • New miniReceiver for outstanding, near-natural sound quality
  • Features advanced BestSound Technology from Siemens
  • Directional microphones to help you to focus on conversation
  • Pure & Ace micon-IP67 certified.Water,dust,sweat& shock resistant
  • Use with Click mini Receiver 2.0 (S,M,P) and Click Dome
  • (Open closed,Double,Semi-Open).Ace micon is smallest RIC BTE
  • (Non-rechargeable,Non-wireless)using 10 size battery.HP mini Receiver