How hearing aids works

The hearing aids enhance the intensity of the wavelength of the sound by which the volume of sound get raised and you get the crustal clear sound in your ear by which you hear the sound properly and it provides you help to understand others. The modern and advanced hearing aid is designed with the noise cancellation feature by which you can only hear the person whom you want to hear. Hearing aid also helps those to hear music who is suffering from hearing deficiency.

Programming of hearing aids according to your requirement

When you buy a hearing aid then our programmers feeds command in the device according to your requirement by which you become able to hear the sound. They check the device by putting on the device on your ear. They ask to you for sound quality and the noise ratio coming in the device. Even they check the hearing aid that it is fit nicely around your ear or not.


  • Check whether the hearing aid is in mute position.. Check that the battery is working and inserted the right way and the battery door is closed completely.
  • Check that the battery is inserted correctly; clean the battery contacts carefully; clean the battery surface with a dry cloth.
  • Re-insert your hearing aid, or if you wear a BTE, re-insert the earmold Re-attach the sound tube or exchange it with a new tube.
  • Common problems and their solutions are listed in the Information for Use booklet provided with your hearing aid.